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Adventurous activities you can do in Dubai:



Dubai has many adventurous and exciting things. You can enjoy with your family in top-notch amusement parks. Dubai has many attractions like palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, museums etc. There are countless points to visit in Dubai. You can also try some thrilling and adventurous activities in Dubai. Here are some things to do Dubai this Saturday. Gather your friends decide an activity and go try it.

Adventurous activities to do:

Ever tried skydiving? If no then try it in Dubai. Some agencies in Dubai are offering free fall above from palm Jumeirah. With proper kits and safety measures you would jump from thousands feet above. It’s surely sounds scary. But the view and thrill you’ll get to experience is unmatchable. Deserts are the proud legacy of Dubai. You can try desert safari from a trustable broker. They would provide you a dune drive in the sand of desert in scorching heat of sun. You drive it on a high speed. Sweaty? Yes but it’s worthy.

Zip lining on Dubai marina is the world’s longest urban zip lining. Try it with a friend or partner. You’ll get to watch the mesmerizing views of city while gliding in the sky. Water sports are always exciting. Fly boating is also one of them. You’ll be walking and flying on water with help of water jets. You can also show your backflips skills. Love scary things? Go dive in the world’s deepest pool in Dubai. Apart from its depth its gloomy architecture makes it’s more thrilling and scary. This pool is built on a theme of sunken city. But don’t worry you wouldn’t be alone. Professional and experienced divers will guide and accompany you. There is also a park in Dubai with biking tract with fairly long length. You can go on a ride with your friends.


These are some things to do Dubai this Saturday. Enjoy your holiday with your closed ones. Go on an adventure and relief your work’s fatigue. These adventures are surely scary. If you don’t have a particular phobia you should really try them. These all are once in a lifetime experiences.

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